QH-S02 Vacuum Sealer Rechargeable

Series Rechargeable Vacuum Sealer
Spec 355*82*65mm
Material ABS
Color Orange, White, Black, Pink
Brand XinBaoLong
Model QH-S02
Certificate EMC, RoHS, FCC
Endurance Times of Sealing - ≥ 90

Rechargeable Portable Food Vacuum Machine Vaccum Packing

Machine with 10pcs Vacuum Sealer Bags Embossed

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    Model No.   


   Main Functions

   Vacuum Seal /

Seal Only

    Vacuum Degree

   -65 kPa

   Vacuum Capacity

   3L / Min

    Charging Voltage


   Battery Capacity   

   Li-ion 2000mAh

    Sealing Bag Width

   Max 30cm

   Charging Time   

   5 hours


   CE, EMC,



≥90 times of


    Vacuum Seal Time

10 Seconds

   Working Noise


    Continuing Sealing

   ≥50 times

   G.W. / N.W.


    Machine Size


   Heating Wire Width


                                                            Selling Points of QH-S02 Food Vacuum Sealer Machine

                                                                            1. Visual window, portable and multi functional, seal perfectly

                                                                            2. NTC control system keeps heating temp within a safe range

                                                                            3. Safe switch: machine start heating when cover close completely

                                                                            4. Certificate: CE, RoHS, EMC, LVD

                                                                            5. More continuous sealing times

                                                                            6. More convenient to operate

                                                                            7. The battery passed IEC:62133/ MSDS test

                                                            Vacuum Sealer with the Following Utility Model Patents

                                                                            a. with perspective plate, with an air valve, with one-piece buckle

                                                                            b. with an adsorption assembly, with upper cover, with safety unit

                                                                            c. with parts for clipping bag, with protective chamber

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For better result, especially vacuum packed moist food, press seal button again

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Vacuum packing with accessories: Embossed vacuum sealer bags,

Reusable vacuum sealed bags, Canister and container, Vacuum bags for clothes   

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