QH-CD11 USB Rechargeable Vacuum Sealer

Series Rechargeable Vacuum Sealer
Spec 375×110×60mm
Material ABS, Stainless Steel
Color Black, White
Brand XinBaoLong or Customized
Model QH-CD11
Certificate EMC, ROHS, FCC
Endurance Times of Sealing - ≥ 90

Product Description

Rechargeable Portable Household Food Vacuum Sealer

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QH-CD11 Rechargeable Vacuum Sealer

Built-in lithium battery   One-key vacuum

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USB Rechargeable

Ultra-long Life battery

For Wet & Dry Food

Strong Suction

Lengthened Sealing

Built-in Bag Cutter

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It can be sealed anytime, anywhere

and it is convenient to keep fresh

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Three Modes Available

Dry mode for dry food;     Standard Mode for normal food;     Moist Mode for wet food

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Strong Vacuum, Lock Freshness

-65Kpa, 2mm sealing line

Vacuum Storage, Conventional Storage

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High efficiency, Save time

Vacuum sealing time 10-20 seconds, with an interval of around 20 seconds

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External Vacuuming

Vacuum Seal with Canister, Vacuum Seal Bottle Stopper

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More Convenient to Operate

Vacuum Seal,   Seal and Stop button, More convenient operation


Continuous Sealing

≥50 times

   Main Features

Three Vacuum Mode,

Auto Vac Seal,

   Seal Only, Caniste

Model Number


Vacuum Pressure

    -65 kPa

Machine Dimension


   Max Bag Size    30cm/11.8inch

Vacuum Speed

3L / Min

   Charging Time    < 8H

Charging Voltage


   Battery Capacity    2000mAh

Detailed Images

Vacuum Sealer Details

Integrated Buckle: Easy to press, Smooth operation

Soft Sealing Strip: Strong adhesion, Good effect

Anti-skid Silicone Foot Pad: Stable operation; does not move around

USB Charging Interface: Support Mobile; Power Charging

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Environmental and Convenient

Cost-effective Model: Good helper for family cooking and health

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Free Cutting

Built-in bag pocket, built-in cutting knife, Easy to store bag and neatly cut

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NTC Intelligent Temperature Control

When the temperature of the heating strip exceeds 75,

machine will enters safety protection mode automatically.

The indicator flashes, the button operation will be invalid.

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Vacuum Sealing Operation Steps

                                        Step One

                                                           Turn up the top cover, put the bag into the vacuum chamber smoothly, close the cover.

                                        Step Two

                                                           Close the top cover, and lock it, Choose dry, standard or moist mode from three vacuum modes available.

                                        Step Three

                                                           Press Vac Sealbutton,start one button vacuum + seal automatically, and then open the cover, take sealed bag out.

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Main Performance & Parameter

Model No.


Main Function

Three Vacuum Mode,

Auto Vac Seal,

Seal Only, Canister



- 65kPa



3L / Min


Continuing sealing

≥50 times

Charging Voltage





Charging Time


                                                Note: the above data is measured by the laboratory, if there is any error,

                                                please refer to the physical product.

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