New PE Valve Vacuum Zipper Bag

Series Vacuum Seal Bag
Spec Width: 21-30cm; Length: 22-34cm
Material PA + PE, 3 Layer, BPA Free
Color Transparent
Model QH-VB
Certificate FDA, RoHS, LFGB, BPA Free, EU Food Contact, REACH
Applicable Temperature -15℃ to 100℃

New Vacuum Zipper Bag with PE Valve, Good Air Tightness, Wide Applicability

New Zipper Bag_01.jpg

New Zipper Bag_02.jpg

Six advantages of new vacuum zipper bag

A) Patented design; B) Space saving;

C) Prevent odor; D) Food contact safety;

E) Repeated use; F) Convenient and practical

New Zipper Bag_03.jpg

Patented design: Good air tightness, faster air pumping, also suitable for food with powder

New Zipper Bag_04.jpg

Space saving: Volume of foods is significantly reduced, capacity of refrigerator doubled

New Zipper Bag_05.jpg

Prevent odor: Extend food preservation period by 3-5 times to prevent food odor

New Zipper Bag_06.jpg

Repeated use: After washing and drying, it can be reused up to 20 times

New Zipper Bag_07.jpg

Convenient and practical:

Suitable for outings and picnics while used with handheld vacuumizer

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Food Contact Safety :

Authoritative certification, the inner layer eco-friendly PE material, safe to touch food;

Passed EU, Germany, France and Italy food contact test

Passed BPA, US FDA, EU RoHS and REACH tests

New Zipper Bag_11.jpg

One bag for multiple purposes

New Zipper Bag_12.jpg

Eco-friendly PE material, Can be frozen / heated.

Heat resistant to 100℃,

can be heated in water or microwave, the time should not exceed 3 minutes.

Resistant to cold -15℃,

Sealed bags can be used for cold storage and freezing.

New Zipper Bag_13.jpg

Dot embossing process, 3-layer composite film

Inner layer PE, Middle TIE layer, Outer layer PA with high barrier performance

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