QH-17 Fully Automatic Vacuum Sealer

Series Household Vacuum Sealer
Spec 405x60x85mm
Material ABS + tempered glass
Color Black, White
Brand XinBaoLong or Customized
Model QH-17
Certificate EMC, ROHS, LVD, FCC
Sealing Continuing more than 50 times

2023 New   Fullyh Automatic Vacuum Food Sealer One-click vacuum sealing

Product Name

Fully Auto Vacuum Sealer

Model No.


Applicable Voltage


Rated Power


Working Noise


Vacuum Degree

-80 - -90kPa

Vacuum Speed


Max. Bag Width


Machine Size


N.W. of Sealer



QH-17 Fully Automatic Vacuum Sealer

Multiple Modes, Smart Fresh Lock

No need to open or close the cover, one-click vacuum sealing

QH-17 Cutting 02.jpg

Powerful upgrade to lock in freshness

Beautiful appearance, Wet and dry food, Strong suction

Safety protection, Multiple modes, Easy operation

QH-17 Cutting 03.jpg

Home and business dual-use Vacuum storage

-80kPa super powerful suction

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Uniform and balanced force

Automatic opening and closing, without hand pressure

No need to press the traditional left and right fastener

After vacuuming starts, upper cover closes automatically,

After vacuuming is completed, upper cover opens automatically.

QH-17 Cutting 05.jpg

One key pump

Intelligent preservation

One-button operation, automatic opening and closing of the top cover,

no opening and closing buttons on the left and right sides.

Just one touch, from pumping to sealing, without manual intervention in the whole process

Easy operation for men, women and children

                                                                          (1) Put the opening of the bag flatly into the vacuum chamber

                                                                          (2) Put the cover down, without pressing the cover

                                                                          (3) One-button vacuum, lid closes automatically

QH-17 Cutting 06.jpg

Super large operation interface

Various modes can be selected

Dry ingredients;       Wet ingredients

Flexible ingredients;        Standard ingredients

QH-17 Cutting 07.jpg

Extended seal, Compatible with multiple bag sizes

QH-17 Cutting 08.jpg

Removable drip tray, Cleaning is more convenient

QH-17 Cutting 09.jpg

External vacuum to lock fresh,

Compatible with various vacuum containers,

Vacuum sealing canister, Vacuum red wine bottle

QH-17 Cutting 10.jpg

Product certification: Tested by authoritative organization

QH-17 Cutting 11.jpg

Product details, Ingenuity quality

Visualization window: Safe operation, Better observation

Blue breathing light: Purified air & freshness, Flashing health regularly

Built-in hidden small cutting knife: Easy to cut bags without occupying space

QH-17 Cutting 12.jpg

QH-17 Cutting 13.jpg