QH-01 Vacuum Food Sealer

Series Household Vacuum Sealer
Spec 360*54*50mm
Material ABS
Color Orange, White, Green, Blue
Brand XinBaoLong
Model QH-01
Certificate CE, EMC, RoHS, LVD
Sealing Continuing more than 50 times

Classic Model Small and Portable Vacuum Sealing Machine

for Food Packing Vacuum with 15pcs Sealer Bag Embossed

Model No.   


Main Functions

   Vacuum Seal /

    Manual Seal

Vacuum Degree


Vacuum Capacity

   3L / Min

Working Voltage



Rated Power   


Sealing Bag Width

   Max 30cm

Single Seal Time   

   5 seconds


   CE, EMC,

   RoHS, LVD

Heating Wire Width


Vacuum Seal Time

10 seconds

Working Noise


Continuing Sealing

   ≥50 times

G.W. / N.W.


Machine Size


Package Size


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Selling Points of QH-01 Food Vacuum Sealer

1. One button auto operation      2. Magnet at bottom

3. Continuous vacuum sealing     4. Ultra-low decibel

01 Function Display.jpg

Function Display

                                                    Canister: suitable for jars, bottles (wine), lock the upper and bottom covers firmly,

                                                                     insert the vacuum hose, then press “canister” button.

                                                    Moist Mode: suitable for moist food, continually press moist button when you see

                                                                          the water reaches the sealing line.

                                                    Air Inflation: suitable for fragile foods. Press the button when the bag is filled with

                                                                          air, loosen the fingers, press the seal button immediately.

                                                    Pump: suitable for soft items like bread and pastries. Press “pump” button, when                              

                                                                you see the food inside the bag is vacuumed properly, press “seal” button.

01 Selling Point.jpg

Microcomputer Control: dedicated memory operating system

Automatic Intelligent Operation: one button operation, easy to operate

Manual Operation: stop the operation manually to control the vacuum and seal

Vacuum Motor: it works with low noise and has a long life time

Single Sealing: can also be used in ordinary plastic bags

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01 Operating Instructions.jpg